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Corporate Profile

IINO Group Philosophy

Securing safety is the foundation of our business operations

We provide a stable supply of good services and products at fair prices

We meet customers' needs promptly and accurately

We observe the law and give due consideration to social and environmental issues

We seek to increase our corporate value to enhance returns to our shareholders, company officers and employees


Code of Conduct

"Code of Conduct" We have formulated the Code of Conduct as an expression of our Management Philosophy. All officers and employees in the Iino Group are committed to conducting business activities in compliance with this Code.


1. Safety is Priority No. 1

  • Safety is our highest management priority. Because we are acutely aware of the harm that could be caused to life, customer resources, and the environment by any negligence in our shipping or real estate operations, we will constantly strive to eliminate accidents of all kinds.

2. Contribute to society

  • While striving to satisfy our customers and earn their trust, we will also contribute to society in general by always providing high-quality products and services at appropriate prices based on fair, transparent, and free competition. Based on this Code, we consider companies with whom we do business as contractual partners or business associates.
  • We will not only avoid doing harm, but will actively strive to make positive contributions to society. We will always act on behalf of the people in and around our greater business community.

3. Demonstrate respect for our customers

  • The continued trust of our customers is the source of the Group’s prosperity. In every situation, our management and staff will act as representatives of the Group and behave ways that will strengthen these trust relationships.
  • In all transactions, we will unfailingly treat every customer with kindness and respect, regardless of nationality, company size, transaction size, etc. We will respond promptly and directly to our customers’ needs, always striving to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Maintain compliance and preserve the social order

  • In this Code of Conduct, we define compliance as fulfilling our social responsibilities, which include the observance of all laws and regulations wherever we operate. Our Group companies will all strive to develop such a compliance structure throughout their organizations.
  • Management and staff of all Group companies will behave in a proper manner, not only observing all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate, but also respecting local customs and social mores as well.
  • If any member of the Group learns of a breach of the above policies or that a possible breach may occur, that person shall immediately report the situation to the Iino Group Compliance Committee.
  • We will respect the social order wherever we operate, and we will have nothing to do with anti-social forces or organizations that undermine that order or threaten public safety.

5. Eradicate discrimination and Respect human rights

  • In all our transactions, including hiring, we will never discriminate against anyone due to nationality, race, religion, age, gender, or any other unjust reason.
  • We will respect human rights in the workplace so as to maintain an environment in which all employees can work comfortably.

6. Protect the environment

  • The Group is acutely aware of its responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its business operations. To that end, we will observe all relevant domestic and international laws and regulations and strive in every way possible to preserve ocean environments, harbor environments, and the environments surrounding the buildings we manage.

7. Fully disclose all relevant information

  • We will make every effort to communicate fully with our stakeholders in a manner that will ensure their understanding. Moreover, we will show proper consideration for the interests of every stakeholder, including stockholders, customers, employees, and regional communities among others.
  • We will disclose promptly and in an appropriate manner all material information about our Group companies, including information that may be detrimental to their interests.
  • We will not disclose information pertaining to any individual customer nor compromise the privacy of either corporations or individual with whom we do business.
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