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Iino Building

The Iino Building, which had been under construction for some years, opened in October 2011.
The main concept behind the rebuilding of the Iino Building was “to connect,” and the aim was to create a building that will be admired for the next 100 years, pass on the essence of the former Iino Building and harmonize it with its surroundings. In addition, the new Building features cutting-edge environmental performance technology.

Iino Building Features

Significant Upgrade in Energy Efficiency due to High Environmental Performance
   The Iino Building features cutting-edge equipment and technology in order to maintain comfort while using much less energy. Key aspects include the use of LED lighting as base lighting on all office floors, desiccant air-conditioning, a double-skin external facade on all four sides, and natural ventilation using eco-voids. These features will enable the use of 46% less energy than conventional office buildings of the same size.

Disaster Preparedness including Superior Earthquake Resistance and Business Continuity Plan Measures
   The Iino Building was built with the safety of its users at the forefront of all considerations, and was designed to be 25% more earthquake resistant than ordinary super high-rise buildings.
   In order to help tenants with their business continuity planning, the building has emergency-use power generators capable of running for 72 consecutive hours, and there is space on the roof of the building for tenants to install their own emergency use power generators.

Connection with the Surroundings
   The basic concept behind the reconstruction was “to connect.” New underground passageways were built to connect the Iino Building with neighboring office buildings, the Hibiya City underground shopping mall, as well as with the Uchisaiwaicho subway station. A passageway connecting the Iino Building to the Kasumigaseki subway station had been already completed since the fall of 2014.
   A green belt named ‘Iino Forest’ (called Iino no mori in Japanese) will be built in the open space between the Iino Building and Hibiya Park, which is located across the street, thereby creating a relaxing green space linking the two.

The Revival of Iino Hall
   The opening of the new Iino Building is accompanied by the revival of the much-adored Iino Hall, which will carry on traditions while also featuring a conference venue.
   Like the former Iino Hall, the new hall will host a wide range of events, including Japanese comic storytelling, Japanese music and classical music performances, movie showings, speaking engagements and ceremonies. The conference center is on the same floor, allowing simultaneous use of both Iino Hall and the conference center.

Using Art to Create a Rich and Tasteful Environment
   Artwork consistent with the building’s design will be placed throughout the building and grounds to create a rich and tasteful environment.
   In addition to relocating the murals which decorated the walls of the former Iino Building to the new Iino Building, a wide range of artwork from various genres of modern artists, from up-and-coming Japanese artists to famous international artists, will be used to give the building character.

Iino Building

Iino Building
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