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?Hall and Conference Center Integrated on a Single Floor?

The Iino Hall closed in December 2007 to allow for the Iino Building reconstruction project. It reopened in November 2011, complete with newly added conference facilities.
    The new hall has 500 seats, tiered in a classic theater configuration facing the stage. The new hall caters to a variety of purposes, including conferences and seminars in addition to traditional performing arts and concerts.

One main conference room and four smaller conference rooms are located on the same floor as the hall. Every conference room has partitions for adjusting room size. We envision bookings for academic conferences, large-scale meetings, and business seminars, which stand to benefit from the central Tokyo location. The hall and conference center are available as a single, integrated facility. The hall could be used for a keynote address or main event, with attendees then splitting up into conference rooms for separate sessions, a reception, or a networking party.

We hope that Iino Hall will benefit lovers of cultural, artistic, and intellectual activities alike, and we prepared for the new Iino Hall’s unveiling with that aspiration foremost in mind.

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