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The Iino Kaiun Group offers non-liner and specialized shipping services worldwide, covering distant destinations as well as costal and domestic waters and transporting a wide range of cargoes, including coal for electric power generation, fertilizers, and wood chips for paper production. Customers' transportation demands differ depending on the cargo, and to ensure that we can accurately meet these demands, we maintain a diverse fleet of ships that range from large bulkers known as Capesize ships (tonnage above 150,000 DWT) to small to medium-sized bulkers and dedicated wood-chip carriers.


We have been involved in the transport of coal since Japan first began importing it, and the economic growth of emerging nations has driven an expansion in coal transport volumes in recent years. We are committed to the safe and reliable transportation of coal, and we currently operate a fleet comprising mainly Capesize and over-Panamax (80,000 DWT) ships that supply power companies in Japan.


Back when there was strong demand for the transportation of large volumes of fertilizers, we operated a fleet of dedicated Panamax ships, but to flexibly meet the transportation demands of customers, we now operate a fleet of dry bulk carriers with tonnages ranging from 28,000 DWT to 38,000 DWT. By continuously aligning our transportation capabilities with the needs of customers in this manner, we have carved out a solid position in Japan's market for fertilizer transportation.

We were one of the first shipping companies to transport wood chips for paper production, and we currently operate several carriers that transport wood chips to Japan from all over the world. We are also involved in securing the raw materials for paper production through financing of forestation programs in Vietnam and other efforts.

The Iino Kaiun Group will continue operating a diverse fleet matched to transportation demands to provide reliable transportation services in the dry cargo sector.


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