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The Iino Kaiun Group maintains an industry-leading fleet of chemical tankers, most with stainless-steel tanks, that includes dedicated methanol tankers. The fleet transports worldwide, carrying liquid cargoes such as petrochemical products, methanol, vegetable oil, ethanol, and lubricating oils.


We operate more than 20 chemical tankers on routes from the Middle East to the Far East and Europe, in particular, and by meeting very specific customer needs in petrochemical product transportation, which primarily involves the movement of small quantities, we have won the largest share of transport volume on those routes. In pursuit of balanced growth, we are expanding our share of transport on Atlantic and other routes through various measures, including joint-vessel operations with shipping company in U.S.A., and we are securing stable earnings from dedicated methanol tankers under long-term contracts with first classed charterers.


The transportation of chemical products necessitates not only fleet maintenance but a sophisticated approach to quality control as well. The Iino Kaiun Group has refined its cargo quality management and fleet maintenance systems using know-how backed by many years of experience. They combine hard (physical) elements, in the form of stainless-steel ships, with soft elements, in the form of cargo and fleet management systems. These systems make possible safe and secure transportation, winning us praise and trust from our customers.


In 2006, we transferred part of our chemical tanker operations and incumbent employees to Iino Singapore Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary incorporated in Singapore. This will facilitate closer ties with overseas customers and drive the development of our global network, including in the context of human resources development.

In 2014, we formulated a medium-term management plan for the Iino Kaiun Group named STEP FORWARD 2020. STEP FORWARD 2020 positioned our Chemical Tanker Division as a management priority, and it will continue to support the advance of Iino Kaiun Group's business.


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