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Transportation of crude oil and petroleum by oil tankers is a lifeline for Japan because the country depends on imports for almost all of its oil energy needs.

The Iino Kaiun Group's history with oil tankers began in 1929 when it completed the Takatori Maru No. 1, and following that in 1931, it completed construction of Japan's first oceangoing tanker, the Fujisan Maru.


We pioneered transportation of petroleum by oil tankers and We once had the largest fleet of oil tankers in Japan.


Although our fleet has been scaled back, it now comprises VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers; tankers in the 300,000-DWT class) and petroleum product tankers, enabling us to fulfill our customers' needs and transport crude oil and petroleum products to Japan and around the entire globe. Almost all of the vessels we operate are engaged in medium- to long-term contracts, thereby contributing to the consistent transportation of oil for energy.

Any single accident that results in the spillage of crude oil or petroleum products can wreak enormous damage on the ocean and surrounding environments. To prevent such tragedies, oil tankers are now required to be built with double hulls (double-layered outer hull to prevent cargo spillages in case the hull is damaged). The Iino Kaiun Group moved swiftly to meet this requirement, and completed the double-hull conversion of its entire oil tanker fleet, ahead of its competitors, in 2002.

The Iino Kaiun Group will continue to make full use of know-how founded on a wealth of experience and cultivated over an extensive history to provide safe and consistent transportation of oil for energy.


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