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Safe navigation of a ship indispensably requires a well qualified crew. We are making emphatic efforts to recruit human resources (seafarers) of high quality of not only Japanese but also South Korean, Filipino and Myanmarese nationalities, and educate and train them in their respective countries for further development of their capabilities.
Japanese seafarers serve as key persons in the crews of gas carriers including LNG tankers, VLCCs and bulk carriers. They not only contribute to safe navigation but also play major roles in the on-the-job education of Filipino seafarers.
Korean seafarers also serve as key persons mainly aboard oil tankers and chemical tankers. Like their Japanese colleagues, they also perform important roles in safe navigation and on-board education.
Filipino and Myanmarese seafarers are mainly junior officers and ratings, and make up an important part of the personnel manning the fleet under our management. In anticipation of their further increased importance in the future, we assign all-Filipino crews, including the master and the chief engineer, to some of the vessels we manage.
Recognizing the need for in-house training to ensure continued availability of human resources, we are also making active efforts to bring up young successors from Korea, the Philippines and Myanmar by offering opportunities for on-the-job training and providing scholarship grants. Through these welfare- oriented initiatives, we are trying to enhance the employee retention rate.
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