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Iino Marine Service Co., Ltd. was established in March 1974 as an in-house ship manager firm of Iino Kaiun to mainly engage in the recruitment and training of foreign seafarers.
As a pioneer in the Japanese shipping industry, we paved the way for mixed manning of Japanese and foreign seafarers. At the same time, succeeding the know-how in work on board and ship managing skills, we have endeavored to improve the quality of service and to expand the fleet size under our management.

With a view to ensuring proper safety management for vessels entrusted to us, we began architecting our own safety management system in 1994, four years before the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) came into effect. We acquired NK’s certification including ISO’s quality and environmental management systems, and are continuing our commitment to further deepening of what these rules mean to shipping business. Particularly regarding the safety management of various tankers, our service is well appreciated even by customers outside the Iino Kaiun group.

On top of contributions to safety and environmental conservation, another vital mission of a ship manager is cost management. While holding close consultations with the client shipowners regarding how the annual budget and funds are executed and accounts are settled for each individual vessel, we are also committed to waste-free management of ship expenses as another target of business execution.

At present, we are managing some 40 vessels of diverse types including chemical tankers, oil tankers, LNG tankers, LPG tankers and bulk carriers. The number of ships under our management is expected to increase along with the expansion of Iino Kaiun’s business dimensions. We will continue to make further efforts for advancement in environmental conservation and quality management while endeavoring for strengthened management capabilities both on and off shore.

We as a corporate entity, understand our Corporate Social Responsibility and contribute to the society. We will not engage in any business or operations which will adversely impact the well being and safety of the society at large and the environment. We ensure that the society wherein we live, is the ultimate beneficiary of our sustainable business.

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